We interpret client requirements by drawing on experience and production technology paired with company resources in terms of research and development, which have allowed us to offer an ever-changing market consistently up-to-the-minute and often cutting-edge solutions.


In addition to developing our own production technology, we are fuelled by a real passion for our work, which takes tangible shape in the meticulous, precise and prompt services offered to our clients.

Distribution capacity

We have adopted a logistic system that allows us to serve our clients promptly over a wide area, delivering directly to three Italian regions: Friuli, Veneto and Lombardy. This highly strategic distribution capacity allows us to run prompt services while staying very competitive financially.

We have various vehicles we use to make customer deliveries, depending on the type of load.


We handle every stage of the production cycle, from sales to logistics, from internal planning – which involves working with the client on custom jobs – to management of finished product deliveries.

A warehouse with over 1000 sq m of floor space is used for holding incoming goods and for the temporary storage of finished products in well organized spaces, making the job of handling goods easy for operators and allowing us to implement a just-in-time production policy.


Service quality is based on the professionalism of a group of engineers who are constantly committed to research and who are capable of offering our clients immediate and highly customized solutions.

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