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GRAIL is a modern, dynamic company operating worldwide in the industrial screen printing and pad printing business since 1985.

We are a fast-evolving business and have made a name for ourselves both in the domestic market, here in Italy, and across Europe. Our premises have a total floor space of 5000 sq m and are home to all our R&D and production processes.

GRAIL’s 40-strong staff includes factory floor workers, engineers and managers, all of whom are personally committed to the Group’s professional growth.

Years of experience in our sector
Staff employed
Development and production area

Attention and dedication.

Each department is supervised by highly specialized personnel who ensure that quality meets the company’s extremely high standards on a daily basis. R&D come up with graphic innovations and exclusive industrial solutions, employing state-of-the-art technology.

A flair for innovation, flexibility and experience are the winning qualities that allow GRAIL to stand out in the market, often anticipating its needs and opportunities, with fast response times and cutting-edge instruments.

Quality and technology.

We have always been a cutting-edge company in our pursuit of quality. A goal we have achieved and constantly underpinned with our use of the best materials the market has to offer teamed with advanced modern production systems.

Quality oriented decisions are the cornerstone of the GRAIL Group business philosophy, and the passion with which these objectives are pursued means our clients can be confident in the results.

Passion for our work.

The GRAIL products’ end quality comes from our undivided passion for our work, from the drawing board to the individual stages of development and production, during which each industrial process undergoes strict quality control. To this end, we have implemented an important product certification system in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001 standards.

We work in our laboratories in synergy with partners and suppliers to seek new technological solutions and offer custom services tailored to individual needs.

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