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Production departments

Eight hi-tech production departments constantly brought up to date.


White goods, paper, furniture, automotive, glass, plastics.


We would like to thank all our customers and business partners for visiting us at our stand at Milan’s international exhibition PLAST 2018, held from May the 29th to June the 1st 2018, for the attention to our products and the interest in all our superior finishes, constantly seeking for excellence and innovation.

The exhibition, the most important and unmissable international event for the plastic supply chain, has been a successful moment for La Grail, where it has been possible to exchange and share new ideas and comments with our customers and partners about quality on new technologies, high levels of the goals successfully achieved and the awareness that all the services provided are among the most complete and excellent in the present market of the customization and of the aesthetic finishes, also in the toughest and difficult markets with top technology such as the one of the automotive.

Being sure that the quality of the services we offer makes the difference, we will keep following this mission, constantly searching and developing new methods and technologies to improve and innovate, without compromises, in order to always help our customer to achieve a full and complete satisfaction.

San Quirino, 8th June 2018

Since 1985 operating worldwide in the industrial screen printing and pad printing business

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